Special Advisor

Special Advisor

YEI Digital is a subsidiary of Sherpa Brand & Design which was founded by experienced brand & marketing specialist Gary Hendrickse.

Gary acts as the specialist advisor to YEI Digital, providing the experience needed to provide maximum impact with minimal budget.

How does Gary’s involvement add value to YEI Digital?

  • Before switching to a career in Brand & Marketing, Gary was a Top 3 financial advisor for a bank. His primary focus was in retirement planning and he understands and has empathy for retirees who find that their retirement income is just not enough.
  • Shortly after founding Sherpa, the company became a shareholder in YEI which is the definitive repository of discounts and benefits for people over 60. Gary himself arrived at the magical age of 60 and YEI Digital’s anthem of “When you’re not done yet” reflects his attitude. Surrounded by young and skilled designers and digital sctivists, he loves what he’s doing and plays the lead role on both corporate and smaller business accounts.
  • One of the reasons for forming YEI Digital was extending the YEI offering – affordable value – to over 60’s. If you own a small business with a turnover under R 500 000, YEI Digital gives you affordable access to the skills needed to reach your target audience,  especially in the digital space which is pretty complex and proven to be a challenge for the age group.

When you work with YEI Digital, your initial discussion will be with Gary and thereafter, the young designers, web developers and social media activists will take your small or micro business straight to your target audience.